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yosei kiyono yosei kiyono yosei kiyono yosei kiyono
2016.012.01 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.07.19 project > R Baker minatomirai is added in "cafe bar".
2017.06.12 project > Salt grill & tapas bar by Luke Mangan is added in "Restaurant".
2017.06.12 project > Sushi Fujinaga is added in "Restaurant".
2016.06.01 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2017.05.20 project > Francfranc UMEDA is added in "Boutique".
2016.05.01 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2017.04.28 project > ANELLI NAGAOKA is added in "Bridal Newly-built".
2016.04.01 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.01.07 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.07.30 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.07.20 project > NATURAL HARMONY CLINIC OMOTESANDO is added in "clinic".
2016.06.21 project > W YOKOHAMA -The Wine Hall- is added in "restaurant".
2016.06.21 project > Sushi Ginza Onodera NY is added in "overseas".
2016.05.28 project > DAIA is added in "cafe bar".
2016.05.18 publicity > Issued on "cubes".
2016.04.30 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.03.12 project > &Swell is added in "cafe bar".
2016.03.12 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2016.03.12 project > SAKURA TERRACE THE GALLERY is added in "hotel".
2016.03.04 project > JOE'S SHANGHAI NEWYORK is added in "restaurant".
2016.02.27 project > RAIRAI RAKURAKU is added in "restaurant".
2015.12.09 SPECIAL MOVIE
2015.10.24 project > Tempura Ginza ONODERA is added in "restaurant".
2015.09.08 SPECIAL TALK Vol.3
2015.05.12 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2015.04.17 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2015.03.28 project > Ore-no Kappou by Ginza Okamoto is added in "overseas".
2015.02.21 project > BIANCARA MARINA TERRACE is added in "bridal".
2015.01.31 project > LUKE is added in "restaurant".
2014.12.01 publicity > Issued on "nikkei design extra issue".
2014.11.29 project > on A TABLE is added in "restaurant".
2014.10.25 project > ANNIVERSAIRES OSAKA is added in "bridal renovation".
2014.10.10 project > Yottekoya - Ebisu honten is added in "restaurant".
2014.05.31 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2014.01.11 publicity > Issued on "shoten kenchiku".
2003 Yosei Kiyono conducted to establish YOSEI KIYONO OFFICE, a company which produces space design for various types of business.
The concept is "the shop design which attracts the customers".
2005 Establishing OISII INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD., a company of which the contents of business are from consulting to promotion.
2005 Establishing ST INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD., a company specialized in planning bridal halls with realizing a scenario of "Selling Wedding".
2006 Establishing YO CO.,LTD , a design association which works mainly on architecture and interior design. The main subject is "Business of Design".
2007 Establishing INTERIM CO.,LTD., a company which manages interior styling or space coordination and also analyzes the trend of design.